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Investigative journalist David Collins is the leading investigator and writer for KWBV Investigative Reports. David was embedded with coalition forces in the Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation New Dawn, and has covered human interest stories since 1989.

Declassified USAF Sightings released

Just 4 weeks after the leak of Classified UFO footage from the 1997 Phoenix Lights, more USAF documentation has hit the web.

UFO enthusiast John Greenewald has spent the past two decades filing Freedom of Information Act requests for the government’s files on UFOs. In the largest declassified posting on the Internet, Greenewald’s Blackvault.com database documents Project Blue Book, and the US Air Force’s whitewash of the military’s cover-up of extraterrestrial sightings.

Over 10,000 cases reveal decades of reconnaissance and reports, however many key sightings are suspiciously missing or omitted.



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